Any individual is eligible for membership given he or she is:

a)  At least eighteen years of age;
b)  Of good moral character and reputation;
c)  Lineally or collaterally descended from a qualifying ancestor; and
d)  Elected to membership in the Order.

The ancestor requirements are: any person who rendered civil or military service on either side in the Civil War, including service in battle under Confederate and Federal authority; in military or naval units of the two governments, in a political role (statewide or higher), or as a physician, surgeon, chaplain, or nurse in wartime service.

There is a special path to membership that is lineal or collateral descent from an ancestor who in the ancestorís lifetime had military or civil service at the state level or higher in both the Federal and Confederate governments during their lifetime. The qualifying ancestor for this special membership category must have served both the Confederate States of America and the United States of America at some time during his or her lifetime. The Federal service can be before, after, or during the Civil War.